Money is unlimited. Time is not.

Financial Freedom is a step-by-step path to make more money in less time, so you have more time for the things you love. It challenges the accepted narrative of spending decades working a traditional 9 to 5 job, pinching pennies, and finally earning the right to retirement at age 65.

Instead, the book offers readers an alternative: forget everything you’ve ever learned about money so that you can actually live the life you want.

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Hi, I'm Grant Sabatier.

I’m the Author of the international bestseller Financial Freedom, Creator of the Financial Freedom Course, Instructor of LinkedIn Learning’s Financial Freedom Class, Creator of Millennial Money (acquired by The Motley Fool), Co-Founder of Topia, and Co-Founder/CEO of Bank Bonus.

I write about money, mindfulness, and financial independence.

I also speak, teach, build, and invest.

My story and ideas have been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNBC, Business Insider, and many other places.

I don't believe in experts. I believe in perspectives. I'm a 37 year old on the same human journey as you. We live in increasingly uncertain times and my mission is to help others.

You can learn more about my story here.


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