I’ve been fortunate to be featured or included in some of the top media outlets in the world, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, CNBC, ABC, NPR, and many others. Below is a selection of my media mentions.

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The Washington Post – How this millennial saved $1 million by age 30

CNBC – 5 steps to becoming a millionaire, from a millennial who did it in 5 years

National Public Radio (Here&Now) – Millionaire By Age 30? One Blogger Offers A Few Not-So-Easy Steps

Wall Street Journal – The New Retirement Plan: Save Almost Everything, Spend Virtually Nothing

The New York Times – How One Book Changed My Relationship With Money

Time / Money Magazine – I’m A Millennial Millionaire, Here’s How I Got So Rich

Inc. Magazine – How One Millennial Went From $2 to Over $1 Million in 5 Years

CNBC – The young and financially independent share their best practices to retire early

Business Insider – What 8 people wish they knew before retiring in their 20s and 30s

CNBC – A 31-year-old millionaire who’s read 360 personal finance books shares his favorite

The Chicago Tribune – This Chicago man saved $1 million by the time he was 30. Here’s how he did it.

Business Insider – 5 people explain how their life unexpectedly changed after retiring early

Forbes – How To Use Technology To Own Your Finances As A Millennial

New York Post – How To Earn Six Figures With A Side Hustle

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) –  Six money tips from someone who saved $1 million by age 30

The Washington Post – Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?

CNBC  –  The top three things you’re not doing that are keeping you from becoming rich

The Edge (Malaysia) – Cover Story: Achieving financial independence early

Yahoo Finance – People retire early for 2 reasons, and neither of them is money

Best Life – The Best Way to Earn an Extra $500,000 in Your Spare Time

USA Today – Millennials eat up savings by dining out too much, study shows

The Toronto Star (CA) –  6 Money Tips from Someone Who Saved $1 Million by Age 30

Mic – How do you become a millionaire? Here are 7 ways to end up with $1 million.

CNBC – 31-year-old millionaire who saves 50% of his income shares his No. 1 money-saving tip

Business Insider – How a 31-year-old coder turned his side gig into a full-time business and banked $1 million in 5 years

MarketWatch – 7 side hustles that pay $100,000 a year

Lifehacker – The Three Things Most People Blow Their Money On (And How To Fix It)

USA Today – Millennials may be far from retirement, but think ahead with 401(k)

The Ringer – Is Our On-Demand Culture Really Making Life Easier?

CNBC – 71% of employees are missing out on a simple way to earn more money

Yahoo Finance UK – 9 strategies to save a fortune, from real people who bank half their income

Business Insider – How one man saved $1 million in 5 years

CNBC – 5 simple negotiation strategies that will help you get paid what you’re worth

CNBC Video – This millennial went from broke to millionaire within five years

grow from acorns – How One 31 Year Old Went From Broke to Millionaire in Five Years

Forbes – 20 Fincon Influencers to watch out for in 2018

MSN – 31-year-old millionaire on the single most important hack I’ve used to build wealth

Yahoo Finance – Here’s what millennials are prioritizing instead of retirement

Tasha Kheiriddin Show, Talk Radio AM 640 (Toronto) – Radio Interview

Mic – 5 secrets of people who spend way less than they earn

Fox45 Now (Dayton) – Three Essentials To Start Saving

AOL Finance – 5 secrets to getting a raise at work

Yahoo – 4 Self-Made Millionaires Share Their No 1 Strategy for Building Wealth

CNBC – Self-made Millionaires Share Their No 1 Money Saving Trick

CNBC – 31-year-old millionaire shares the biggest money mistake he ever made

CNBC – 9 strategies to save a fortune, from real people who bank half their income

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