We often spend our lives chasing the next raise, promotion, new job, or shiny thing, and so little time going inside.

These are my thoughts at the intersection of money, mindfulness, and life.

11 Trends Reshaping Investing: Too Much Hype or Not Enough?

A lot has changed since I started investing in 2010. And the rate of change is only accelerating.Back then there was no Robinhood, no Ether, no decentralized finance, and no Cathie Wood. Investing was boring, which probably saved me. I bought a few stocks I liked and stashed the rest of my money in VTSAX […]

Are You Selling Yourself Short? I Think I Am

I live in a beautiful house surrounded by trees. It’s peaceful here. I wake up and go to sleep when I want. I feel full and alive. I can feel myself expanding in ways that I never would have imagined.I thought this was going to be enough. That building a quiet life where I can […]

50 Things I’ve Learned About Money

Over the past six years, I’ve written over a million words about money, done over 1,000 media and podcast interviews, written an international bestselling book, and talked with more readers than I can even begin to count. Here are the 50 things I’ve learned about money over the course of that journey.1. Money is a […]

Bright Side of 2020

Just like everyone, the pandemic has been weighing on me. I’m ready to see friends and travel again.While life has stalled in some ways, we’ve pushed through and adapted. We’re creative and resilient. As a species, we’ve survived a lot worse than this.As we enter into an increasingly uncertain future, I’m bullish on humans.In the […]

Millennial Money Acquired by The Motley Fool

This is the most exciting and bittersweet post I’ve ever written.You know I’m always open with you. Even though I don’t know many of you I feel like I do, I’ve always felt close to you.It’s a beautiful fall day here. I’m sitting on my front porch watching the leaves fall and listening to the […]

15 Best Money Lessons

It’s been exactly 5 years since I reached financial independence. I want to share 15 lessons that would have made my own FI journey more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.I also think they’ll be useful in preparing for an increasingly uncertain future.1. Making more money is more important than cutting back moreWhile both sides of the […]

Are You Free In This Moment?

There are moments in our lives that we look back and realize we were at an inflection point.Now is one of those moments.A few months ago my wife and I made the decision to leave New York City and move to Ohio so she can pursue her dream. I’ve had the opportunity to live mine […]

7 Steps to Financial Freedom

In this 1 hour masterclass, I walk through the 7 steps to Financial Freedom. Taken from both the book and my life, these are the steps that will really help you accelerate your own financial independence journey.

Are You Alive?

I’ve always felt the weight of passing time. Every moment fleeting.When I was 8 years I old I wrote in my journal about how fast the past year had gone. How can I be 8 already?This week I turned 34 and realized I’m as close to 50, as I am to 18.In 2017 Alex Honnold […]

Success Isn’t About Money, It’s About Peace

Since leaving the corporate world behind 8 months ago, I’ve had a lot of time and space to think. While it’s pretty cool to wake up every morning and do what you want, reaching financial independence will inevitably cause you to go deeper into yourself. This can feel both freeing and jarring, but if you ride […]

The Lost Road Warrior

It’s a cool summer night in Venice and the wake from the boats on the Grand Canal is splashing against the glass next to my feet. My wife and I have spent the last few weeks in Italy writing, and the past few days dodging Venice tourists as they dodge us.It’s been hot the past […]