Microfinancial Cash App is a SCAM!!

Over the past few months I’ve been getting messages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and over email from my readers about someone who is reaching out to them acting like they are me and asking them to invest in some cryptocurrency scheme. They are calling it a number of different things:

  • world grant humanitarian assistance program with microfinancial grant sabatier (MGS)
  • microfinancial grant sabatier
  • humanitarian assistance program
  • electronic gift cards to Bitcoin
  • microfinancial pnc bank
  • cash app in conjunction with world health organization with ubisoft
  • bitcoin spinning

This is a complete scam and has reached the level where I have to write about in the hopes that you stumble on this post on Google when you do a Google search for it. I see Google searches are growing for these keywords which is extremely concerning to me and I hope you learn that this is a complete scam.

Unfortunately, people have recently lost money falling for this scheme, which makes me extremely sad that someone is using my name in this way. But thankfully many people reached out to me directly to see if this is real and sent me screenshots that I’ve posted here so you can get a better sense for the scam that’s going on.

NOTE: I will never cold message you on social media ever, even from my authentic accounts. If someone with my name reaches out to you it’s a complete scam. If you reach out to me at my authentic account FIRST, then I may respond to you. On Instagram and Facebook there are countless fake accounts posing as me (often with the exact same followers and images as on my real account).

My only instagram account is @grantsabatier – the others you might encounter are completely fake and have a . in between my names (@grant.sabatier) or an extra t or extra r in the name (@granttsabatier or grantsabatierr). Look closely, but as I mentioned I will never reach out to you without you first reaching out under any circumstances. I will never ask you for money or invite you into any investment scheme. All of my readers who have followed my work know that I don’t manage money or solicit any investments.

If you encounter this scam please email me screenshots via the contact page so I can include them in this post.


microfinancial cash app


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